join the financial team

some people have the gift of encouragement. or the gift of serving. or of teaching. or singing. or even repairing air conditioners. and some people have the gift of being able to financially support places that bring encouragement and hope to the world. hopefully this is a place like that. and perhaps you have the gift of giving.

richard ellis talks is a nonprofit ministry, with 100% of all contributions going directly and completely back into the operation of communicating God's love and hope. thank you for your support!

richard ellis radio 191269
dallas, tx 75219

yep, paper checks and the post office still exist. so if that's how you'd like to join the financial team, simply make your check payable to 'richard ellis radio', and hand it to your friendly neighborhood mail carrier!

Have questions or want to contribute in another way? Send us an email and we'll be happy to help.
(executive director)