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When anxiety was great within me, Your consolation, Lord, brought me joy. - Psalm 94:19
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The Fitness Test

September 23, 2020

A friend of mine recently took a fitness test as part of his annual health check, and his results were an indication that he needed to get “back on track”. In all the chaos of 2020, he felt like his entire fitness routine had been thrown out of whack. So a few weeks ago, he… Read more »

2020 Vision

August 20, 2020

With a new year comes a sense of expectancy, and even more so with a new decade. So, like many of you, I started 2020 with an added level of intentionality as I prayed and mapped out my goals for the months ahead. We’ve all heard the quotes and clichés about 20/20 vision, and as… Read more »

Hope Springs Eternal

July 15, 2020

“Hope springs eternal”. We use that phrase to refer to our hope in a particular situation or outcome, even if it’s extremely unlikely to go the way we want. “Hope springs eternal” is a potentially patronizing way of saying, “It’s never gonna happen, but you just go ahead and hold out hope anyway!” This year,… Read more »

Let The Light Shine

June 17, 2020

Recently, a young daughter broke her mom’s favorite mug. The little girl knew the mug was special to her mother for sentimental reasons. Anxious to remedy the problem, the daughter broke out the scotch tape and began painstakingly putting the broken pieces back together before her mom found out what had happened. When she was… Read more »

Be The Church

May 17, 2020

You don’t have to be a long-time Christian to know what the phrase “be the Church” implies. It’s come to represent ideals of compassion, grace, and mercy. “Be the Church” isn’t simply a saying, but a verb. To be the Church is to take action for the good of others. The first generation of Christians… Read more »

Plot Twist

April 9, 2020

As of this writing, due to the CoVid19 pandemic, the whole world’s hunkered down at home, most likely watching more Amazon Video, Hulu, and old movies than ever! And when it comes to watching movies, if you’re anything like me, you probably love a good plot twist. Those of us who are a little more… Read more »


Every time a person laughs at a cheesy website joke, an angel gets their funny bone!

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animal question


man speeding


boy wants a bike


perplexing questions


kissed girl


plane ride




10 commandments


pig’s house


out all weekend


duck hunter


church plaque






old couple


the stray dog


heaven vs hell




Pope in Heaven


race horse


lip prints




kids on marriage


bank loan


dog funeral




science sillies


animal crackers


gravy ladle


birth control pills


coffee soldiers


church painter


flat tire


what is easter


famous last words


red light


Wash The Shirt


Bungee Jump




Lab Rabbit


Printer Problems


Mom Driving




Love Is


Kids About Love


Hokey Pokey


Grocery Money


Getting Older


Driver’s License


Blind Pilot




A Man Says…


God’s name


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